650302 MIMO 4G/LTE ANTENNAS transmission/reception ΚΙΤ
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Televes 650302 KIT consists of two 4G/LTE signal passive antennas (transmission and reception), for extended coverage in shielded areas and enhanced operator's network connection quality also in areas where propagation conditions are difficult. Both antennas are installed with a longer than 0.5m separation on same point, for multiple transmission/reception and are connected directly to a 4G MIMO router. MIMO technology (Multiple Input, Multiple Output): provides greater quality and reliability of 4G/LTE signals in places of difficult reception and propagation. Omnidirectional transmission/reception: pointing is not required. Mobile 4G devices are more efficient in terms of power and consumption. Optimized response on both the Uplink and the Downlink. Passive antenna, no power consumption.A 50 Ohm, 7.5m. coaxial cable with SMA male connectors is included in each antenna.

Technical features:
- Omnidirectional transmission/reception
- Installation with a longer than 0.5m separation on same point
- Connection directly to a 4G MIMO router
- Connectors: SMA Male (includes 7.5m cable)
- Frequency band Mhz: 690...960 and 1700...2700
- Gain dBi: 1 and 3,5
- F/B ratio dB: Omnidirectional
- Impedance Ohm: 50
- Windload N: 16,2 (@130 Km/h), 22,3(@150 Km/h)
- Protection index IP: 23
- Dimensions mm 133 x 126 x 39 (each one)

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