FUBE50020 Proximity Chip Key
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Product description:

The FUBE50020 is a chip key used for the following applications: Contact-free arming/disarming of the Secvest, Secvest 2WAY and Terxon alarm systems, Contact-free opening of doors provided with and connected to Eycasa. Very easy use, just simply hold the key in front of the alarm panel, the control panel or the Eycasa door station and the programmed action will be performed. Easy to operate without entering a code – never forget your PIN code again. Several chip keys can be used with an alarm system or Eycasa system, by replacing code entry, by holding the chip in front of the alarm panel, control panel or Eycasa base station. The user no longer needs to remember a PIN code, and this makes authorisation (authentication) on the system much easier. The proximity key is used for easy, convenient arming and disarming of the ABUS Secvest 2WAY and Terxon alarm systems as well as for opening doors of the video door intercom system Eycasa.

Function: Using proximity technology, the inductor integrated in the key transmits the respective code when it is brought near the receiver. This means that the user can be uniquely authenticated practically as they walk by without it being necessary for them to enter a PIN or pass the key through a reader.

Installation and programming: The chip key is trained into the alarm panel or the Eycasa base station.

Technical features:

- Color: Black
- Dimensions: (HxD) 7,5x34 mm
- 2-year warranty

Scope of delivery:

- 1x Proximity Chip Key
- 1x Key ring

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