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Privacy Policy

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The Company (Processing Manager) collects and processes personal identity data (for example, name, telephone (home number or mobile number), e-mail, identity number), tax information and payment details of the customer (like TRN-Tax Registration Number, Tax office) in order to meet the legal obligations of the Company. The recipients of the above data are a) the Greek State to the extent required by the tax authorities or other competent authorities; and b) other partners of the company who serve the company, such as people providing technical, accounting and legal services. The legal basis for the processing of the above data is the legal obligation of the company as defined by the applicable tax, labor and / or other legislation and their provision is a contractual obligation of the contractor, and in case of failure to provide it, the cooperation with the company will not be possible (Article 6 (1) (c) 2016/679-GDPR).
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