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Webpage Account

Please contact us at: export@edision.gr
In order to experience an all-new approach to products, services and information that we can offer you, please go to the bottom, right-hand side of the webpage in the Contact & B2B list and click REGISTER B2B. After reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions, in the area CREATE A B2B ACCOUNT, fill in the USERNAME that you choose and then complete the electronic B2B form with all the respective details of your company. After filling in all the blank fields, please click "Insert" in order to complete the procedure.As soon as we have these details, we will create an account for you in our system so that you can have access to all the information you need such as prices, availability, news and much more.
in order to access your activated B2B account, please click the image with the LOCK-sign, on the top right-hand side of the webpage (alternatively, please click LOGIN B2B, at the bottom right-hand side of the webpage). Then, please type your Username and Password in the LOGIN B2B USER area and click LOGIN
After logging-in with your Username and Password, please click the image MY PROFILE at the top, right-hand side of the webpage, next to lock-sign image. Then edit your account with change the data that you want and click UPDATE to finish the procedure.
Please contact us at: export@edision.gr


Please contact us at: export@edision.gr
Please contact us at: export@edision.gr
Please contact us at: export@edision.gr
Please contact us at: export@edision.gr


Please contact us at: export@edision.gr
On the top right-hand side of the screen, in the Search products area you can type part or whole of the product description, so for the search results to appear. Alternatively, you can search from the main category product menu, on the left-hand side of the webpage
By clicking the "New arrivals" button, you can see all the newly arrived products as well as the refreshed stock availability for products that were temporarily unavailable.
In "Discontinued Items" area you are able to find all the formerly available products, with thei specifications, manuals and everything for their after sales support. These products are obsolete and will not be available again for sale.
By clicking the "Price list" button, you have access to Edision's price list, in excel file form, only available with your login account. Additionally, by clicking on "My profile" button" on the top right-hand side and then on "Files" you have access to csv & xml for uploading.
Each colour indication displays the product availability:

· Green: The product is available

· Yellow: The product is available in limited quantity.

· Red: The product is not available at the moment.

· Blue: The product is available by special order.

The website product availability is constantly updated.
In order to have access to "Last stock" button, you need to login with your B2B account. In there you will find products that are going to be obsolete and are offered in special prices

Product warranty

a) By the present warranty, Edision Hellas is committed for the functionality of the product as well as for its quality workmanship and aesthetics, including the lack of defective components.

b) Edision Hellas bears no responsibility for the retention of any user selected functions, programming and adjustments that have been applied to the device.

The owner of the device is solely responsible for safely and effectively copying the above. Edision Hellas, reserves the right to proceed to any technical action including restoring the device to its factory default values and adjustments, without any prior notice. The warranty DOES NOT include and does not cover accessories such as batteries, IR remote control, Power Supply Unit, packaging).

The warranty period is set individually for each type and each model of the products. The warranty period becomes active on the purchase date appearing on the invoice or the receipt of the end-user/retail user and expires on the calendar day set for the warranty period of each product.
In case of malfunction within the manufacturer warranty period, then as long as if it is possible and acceptable, the device can be serviced in Edision Hellas premises. In order to request the use of a valid warranty, the following conditions must apply:

The invoice or the receipt of the end-user/retail user must be in good condition and all information included in the proof of sale must be clearly readable.

The serial number and the sticker tag on the product, must appear in full and the information included on them must be clearly readable.
Manufacturer’s warranty does not include neither cover the following, as well as damages that resulted from the following:

• Any damages during transportation.

• Installation, activation, connection or any action and handling of the product, in any manner different than the one suggested by the manufacturer.

• Any intervention, modification or service attempt carried out by any person other than certified technician from Edision Hellas.

• Misuse or use under any condition other than the one specified by the manufacturer.

• Force majeure (e.g thunderstrike, adverse weather conditions, fire, etc)

• From contact with substances such as liquids in any form, food, etc.

• Inappropriate and/or incompatible network current AC/DC level.

Aesthetics and design flaws inflicted on the device after its purchase date that do not affect its functionality, are not covered by the warranty.

The warranty DOES NOT include and does not cover accessories such as batteries, IR remote control, Power Supply Unit, packaging).
Any service procedure for each device will be carried out solely in Edision Hellas facilities and only by an authorized technician.

Any device, if it is possible and acceptable, will be serviced within up to ten (10) working days, starting from the date of product reception to Edision Hellas. The service time does not

include and can by extended by: transportation time to and from Edision Hellas, testing time before and after the service procedure, testing time for issues that appeared during test

and have not been included/mentioned in the R.M.A. form or for testing and service time for issues that appeared after the initial service procedure.

The procedures for returning the device to Edision Hellas for servicing, must be carried out ONLY by an authorized Edision Hellas wholesale customer and ONLY after completing all

the respective return procedures in combination with contacting Edision Hellas via e-mail.

The device for servicing, must be accompanied by the following:

• Fully Completed RMA form via the B2B online customer account.

• Packing List

For each device to be serviced, an RMA form should be fully completed. Upon arrival of the device to Edision Hellas, it will be checked for any malfunction and will be repaired respectively. For each device within the warranty period, the spare parts and workmanship will be free of charge.
As Non-repairable products/Products beyond repair, are considered devices in the following categories, according to Edision Hellas Technical Dept. evaluation:

Devices which are within the warranty period and are beyond repair due to extensive damage and/or they are no longer produced and the spare parts are no longer available. In these cases, there will be a product substitution with the same or similar to their specifications alternative device.

Devices for which the warranty period has expired or there is an incompatibility with the warranty terms and conditions.

In these cases, the service procedure will initialize, only after customer approval upon notification on any charges that may occur.

Devices which will be found in perfect working condition and with no faulty component, will be returned to the customer, with bidirectional transport and workmanship costs on customer’s expense.

Bidirectional transportation costs are on customer’s expense.
Devices which have been serviced during their warranty period, continue to be covered in full by their warranty, for the remaining time of their initial warranty period, until the expiration date, based on the date appearing on the proof of purchase.
IR remote control units, Batteries and Power Supply Units, are excluded from any form of warranty. The same applies for documentation included in the package of the device, as well as for the package itself.


Please contact us at: export@edision.gr


The RMA form must be applied by wholesale customers with a B2B login account, each time a products is returned to EDISION's Service Department, by following these steps:

1. Login to your EDISION B2B account, using your username and password.

2. On the bottom side of the webpage, click the icon with the "RMA" sign.

3. Follow the requested steps in order to complete the procedure.

Upon cmpletion, the user accepts all terms and conditions that apply, as they appear in the FAQ section of the webpage www.edision.gr. Within 12 hours, a confirmation and approval message will be sent.

Please contact us at : export@edision.gr
Please contact us at: export@edision.gr

Payment by Debit Card


For B2B wholesale customers: please contact us at export@edision.gr

For retail customers: please refer to the company from which you bought the product.

Payment Icons
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