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A flexible offer of international TV channels with original audio and high definition. The best TV for your guests regardless the Type of TV installed in the room TV channels. The hotel can generate, depending on the guests profile (Country of origin, languages, tourist/business man) the most adequate list, making sure that they receive the best TV entertainment offer such as: FTA satellite channels, national and international. Prepaid channels distributed over the network. Internal channels, DTT FTA channels. High definition TV Regardless of the type of TV installed in the premises, the already existing coaxial infrastructure in the hotel has the capability to support this added value towards the guests. If the TV sets in some or all the rooms do not support DTT tuning, Televes will offer a technical solution to adapt the TV signal to the requirement of the hotel. And if the TV set are equipped to receive cable signal (CATV), Televes’s QAM transmodulators will ensure that your TV sets will act like TVSAT receivers.

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