413310 Female Easy-F PROFESSIONAL
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Product description:

The Televes professional connector ''Pro EasyF'' FEMALE ELBOWED guarantees the maximum quality in the equipments and systems connexion, providing the 4G-LTE CLASS A+ shielding to the digital signals in the installation at issue. The coaxial cable junction turns into an easy and fast operation. Not having different pieces, makes it ideal to connectorize the cable in difficult locations, where the elements handling is a tricky task.

Order per pack of 25pcs , please.

Technical features:

- Class A+ , Maximum shielding against 4G-LTE signals

Simplicity and speed of assembly
- One single screw.
- Connection always visible.
- Without curled up pieces.
- Without detachable pieces

Safe connection
- Assures the fiability of the connection and does not need future revisions.
- The installer will have the feeling that if something fails, it is not the connectors fault.

Electrically perfect
- Automative fabrication.
- Total shielding that prevents from unwanted effects in the DTT reception.
- Perfect adaptation to the distribution network elements.
- Due to its performance and quality, it is the connector tobe used with the actual DTT and in the future HDTV.

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