716701 DIGIDOM HDMI+IR Tx/Rx WiFi 5GHz 8ch.
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The Televes 716701 DIGIDOM HDMI+IR Tx/Rx WiFi 5GHz 8ch., is an Audio/Video/IR transmitter and receiver system, that allows for the transport of an A/V signal up to Full High Definition from HDMI output source ( DVR, camera, Set top Box, Receiver, TV, DVD, etc.) from the room where the source is, to a second screen somewhere else. The integration of infrared (IR) transmission also allows for the remote control of the source from the second room. Besides transmitter and receiver (with feeder), the kit includes IR extension and wall support.

- 8-channel communication Tx/Rx, to avoid interference, when up to 8 SETS operate in the same area.
- Transmission on the WiFi 5GHz band, to avoid common interference.
- Quick and easy solution to install to access contents (DVR, camera, Set top Box, Receiver, TV, Projectors, DVD, etc.) any where around the premises, with no need to install new cables.
- Ideal for instances where up to Full HD transmission is needed and it is not possible to run coaxial cable to the TV.
- The loop-through feature allows you to watch the signal on both rooms simultaneously
- Low power consumption
- Modern and Compact design, only 1,4 x 8,5 x 8,5 cm.

Technical features:
- 8-channel communication Tx/Rx
- HDMI High Speed
- Wireless Transmission of HDMI Resolution: Up to Full HD 1080p/60Hz
- Wireless Transmission of 3D HDTV
- Security: HDCP 2.0 based encryption
- Data Rate: Video up to 3 Gbps , Audio up to 18 Mbps
- HDMI loop through output for simultaneous local viewing.
- 30 ~ 60KHz IR
- Frequency Range: WiFi 5GHz band
- Channel Bandwidth: MHz 20 or 40
- RF output power dBm: 10 ± 1
- Distance : up to 30m (open field of view, no walls)
- Antenna Type: Dual PCB
- Supply voltage: 5V , 1A
- IR Carrier KHz 30 ~ 60
- Dimensions mm 14x85x85

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