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PICCO T265 pro, is a new EDISION receiver for Digital Terrestrial and Cable signal, Full High Definition DVB-T2/C H265 HEVC 10Bit (Bonus TV certified & approved). Modern design, advanced manufacturing processes and new front panel aesthetics with display, plus five (5) buttons in circular array for three (3) functions, are combined with new, advanced processor and components, providing an overall high-end user experience. The extra added features, include the all-new 2in1 IR remote control EDI-RCU 4 Learn, with extra ergonomical and practical use for operating the receiver and four (4) LG/SAMSUNG* TV default settings which can be also programmable and also the PSU 2in1 USB 5V. This special decoder PSU 2in1 USB 5V works as a normal PSU connected to mains power supply, but the user can select to connect the USB power cable to the USB port of the TV. PICCO T265 pro, supports USB WiFi for access to applications such as YouTube, Weather Forecast and Online software upgrades, with the addition of the extra accessory USB WiFi EDI-Mega antenna. Η265 Media Player functions and PVR** recording functions, are also supported. It is designed with particular emphasis on the ease of use, as it also includes Jack to IR Cable, for making the decoder practically invisible, by placing it behind the TV, for example. With all these upgraded features from EDISION, it has everything ready to be one more high level version of a best TV friend for you!

Key Features:
- DVB-T2/C Tuner H.265/HEVC 10Bit for Terrestrial & Cable Channels
- H.265/HEVC 10 Bit decoding support (Bonus TV certified & approved)
- USB WiFi Support for Apps: YouΤube, Weather Forecast & Softwareupdate
- LED Display & Front Panel Buttons
- PSU 2in1: Powered via TV USB port or with power supply unit 5V
- Universal Remote Control 2in1 for STB & TV
- HDMI & SCART connections
- Video resolution up to Full HD 1080p
- Multilingual OnScreenDisplay
- USB: PVR**, Playback, Software update & Backup function
- Media player H.265/HEVC
- Accessories: USB power supply 5V, USB power cable, IR cable, batteries

Technical features:
- Type: Digital Terrestrial & Cable Receiver DVB-T2/C H.265/HEVC 10 Bit
- H.265/HEVC 10 Bit decoding support (covered by patents listed at patentlist.hevcadvance.com)
- Resolution: 576i, 576p, 720p/50Hz, 720p/60Hz, 1080i/50Hz, 1080i/60Hz, 1080p/50Hz, 1080p/60Hz
- Video resolution up to Full HD 1080p
- LED Display & Front Panel Buttons
- USB WiFi Support
- Dolby Digital & AC3 support
- Apps: Youtube, Weather Forecast
- Multilingual OnScreenDisplay
- EDIVISION electronic program guide
- Supports Picture In Grafik (PIG)
- Channel Edit and Favourite Lists
- Auto and Manual channel search
- PVR** via USB
- Τime Shift function
- Subtitle support
- Teletext support
- Software upgrade & backup via USB
- Supports Online Software upgrade HTTP
- Supports FAT 16/32, NTFS
- Parental control
- PSU 2in1: Powered via TV USB port or with power supply unit 5V
- Media player H.265 (MP3/AC3/AAC/JPEG/PNG/MP4/MOV/AVI/MKV/MPG/MPEG/Xvid/DviX)

- Youtube
- Weather Forecast

Front Panel:
- Display: LED
- Display Buttons: Power, Channel -/+, Volume -/+

Side Panels:
- 1 x Jack to IR
- 1 x USB 2.0 slot

Back Panel:
- Input ANT-IN: 1x IEC-type
- Connection TV: 1x HDMI, 1x Scart
- Video output: 1x HDMI, 1x Analog Video
- Audio output: Coaxial optical (S/PDIF)
- Powering (DC 5V) via the USB port of the TV or with 5V power supply

Package includes:
- IR remote control 2-in-1
- USB power supply unit 5V
- USB power cable
- Jack to IR Cable
- 2 x "ΑΑΑ" batteries
- 2 x Self-adhesive pads
- Mini Manual GR/EN/DE/ES/IT/FR

- Dimensions: (W x H x D): 125x86x33 (mm)
- Weight: 0,5 kg
- Color: black
- Warranty: 2 years

*= LG & SAMSUNG are brand names that belong solely to LG Electronics Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd respectively. Any brand name reference in this text is only for informational purposes towards the consumer that is interested in the product. There is a minor percentage that some SAMSUNG & LG TV models or some of their functions are not fully supported or not supported at all. If this situation occurs, please contact us.

**= It is not possible to use the Programmable Decoder Activation and the Programmable Recording functions, when the decoder is connected for power supply to the USB port of the TV. To use these functions, please connect the decoder with an external USB 5V 1A / 220v DC power supply unit.

Download Images PICCO T265 pro v.1109
24/3/2022 - FIX: add LCN conflict function, YouTube

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